RBC PayEdge Makes it Easy to Fund with Your Credit Card to Pay the AGLC

Make Payments to AGLC
As a liquor licence holder, you can now securely make electronic payments to AGLC with funds from your credit card.
Maximize Savings and Rewards
Earn rewards1 on your favourite credit card and maximize your working capital when you use your card to fund RBC PayEdge and make your AGLC payments.

How it Works



  1. Sign up for RBC PayEdge
    It’s easy! Anyone can use RBC PayEdge – you don’t need an RBC business account or credit card to sign up. Plus, RBC PayEdge integrates seamlessly with the leading accounting systems, allowing you to get up and running quickly.
  2. Set Up your Funding Source(s)
    Connect your Visa or MasterCard to access funds from your credit card. You can also link any of your business accounts (from any Canadian financial institution) to serve as a funding source.
  3. Send your Payment
    Make electronic payments to AGLC, or pay other business expenses. A 2.3% fee applies when you use your credit card to fund RBC PayEdge.

Manage All Your Payments in One Place

RBC PayEdge allows you to send electronic payments, wires and even cheques from any combination of connected accounts and credit cards. Plus, you can settle up with suppliers around the world, as RBC PayEdge supports over 100 currencies from 130+ countries.

Why Use Your Credit Card with RBC PayEdge to Pay AGLC


Maximize on Your Rewards and Incentives

Take advantage of any incentives, cash back or rewards programs that come with your credit card, just for paying business expenses.

Optimize Your Working Capital

Increase your cash flow and give yourself extra time to pay your invoice by leveraging your credit card billing cycle.

Increase Your Payment Flexibility

Access your available credit. Even if your suppliers don’t accept credit cards, you can use credit to fund the payment to them.

Connect Other Accounts

You also have the option to fund RBC PayEdge using any Canadian financial institution account for free, giving you even more payment options.

Experience an Easier Way to Pay with RBC PayEdge

Let’s get you started with an RBC PayEdge Specialist Today!
1 – Credit card rewards may be earned in accordance with the applicable cardholder agreement or other applicable terms and conditions between you and the credit card issuer.